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Twitter’s future is in doubt as a result of a ‘mass exodus of staffers

Twitter is alive and well with death

Users shared their fears on the platform Thursday night when #RIPTwitter was the top worldwide trend. They also offered their goodbyes, listing other more stable social media platforms, and offering some hope for the future.

They were reacting against the terrible news coming from Twitter. On Thursday, scores of employees at the social media company appeared to reject Elon Musk’s request to work “extremely difficult core.” This has caused the platform to be in complete disarray and raised serious questions about its future.

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In Slack, the mass resignation occurred just after Musk’s deadline of 5 pm for employees to reach a decision. Many staffers accepted Musk’s offer of three months of severance in return for their resignation.

Employees flooded the “#social-watercooler” channel with the salute emoji, indicating that they had chosen not to sign Musk’s pledge. Similar events took place in Slack earlier this month when Musk removed roughly half of the company’s 7,500-person workforce.

An ex-Twitter executive described the situation recently as a “mass exit”. They are open to many options and will not tolerate his antics.

The former executive stated that they would struggle to keep the lights on.

The other half-dozen former and current employees agreed with this assessment on Thursday. After Musk’s mass layoffs earlier in the month, it was already very bad. Twitter even asked people who had been let go to return just days later. Since then, the state of play has only gotten worse.

According to people familiar with the matter, Twitter management was in panic mode hours before the deadline expired. They explained that senior executives were trying to convince talent to stay at their company.

Musk sent an email to all staff acknowledging the dire state of affairs and reversing his previous anti-remote working position. Musk stated in an email that remote work is acceptable provided that the manager accepts responsibility for making sure that you make a great contribution.

It did not appear to be of any benefit.

Two employees rejected musk’s request on Thursday. They were very clear about why they did so. One employee stated that he didn’t want to stay around to help build a product that was being poisoned from within. He added that he felt proud about his decision to “stick to what I stand for.”

An employee recently laid off who keeps in touch with former coworkers stated, “People don’t want to sacrifice mental health and families to make the richest man on the planet richer.”

Twitter appeared to have figured out the situation and sent an email to employees Thursday evening notifying them that it had once again closed all its offices and suspended badge access to employees, apparently to protect its data.

Twitter’s already depleted communications department did not respond to requests for comment. Musk, however, commented on the situation via a tweet.

Musk asked, “How can you make a small fortune on social media?” Start with a large one.

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