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Trade Tesla, Pepsi, Lockheed Martin, Alphabet, and Microsoft

This week, five widely followed companies are posting quarterly results. Take advantage of the pre-earnings volatility to trade those firms.

Tesla (TSLA) will post quarterly results on April 23. Already, the firm posted weak electric vehicle deliveries, rising production, and pressure to cut costs. CEO Elon Musk did not confirm that the firm will release an inexpensive model for the broader market.

TSLA stock may rise after the report. Shares already fell to new lows ahead of time. Cautious investors may wait until after the Q1 report.

Lockheed Martin (LMT) will post results on April 23. The defense contractor benefits from rising war risks globally. The firm won a US missile defense contract worth $17 billion. It will supply next-gen interceptors.

Alphabet (GOOG) closed at all-time highs recently. Markets dismissed their early concerns about its Gemini AI. Microsoft (MSFT) pulled ahead by launching ChatGPT. It is bundling the AI through CoPilot on Windows and Office 365.

Both Microsoft and Alphabet stock trade at a high valuation ahead of the report. Microsoft has a better chance of exceeding market expectations. The firm continues to raise its subscription rates for corporate software, which its customers cannot do without. Additionally, it has a refreshed Surface Pro tablet launch.

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