Top 10 cheapest electric cars

Citroen Ami cornering

Cost-effective EVs are rare but growing in number. Here are the 10 cheapest on sale in the UK today

Electric cars come in all shapes and sizes, and the focus on battery-powered models is sharper than ever. For many drivers, though, one thing is also under consideration: price. 

Many drivers consider electric cars to be expensive because some manufacturers initially spied an opportunity to target well-heeled early adopters.

These intrigued early buyers were willing to pay a premium (and a large slice of profit to the car maker) to have the latest all-singing, all-dancing digitally dense EV on their drive.

Now, EVs are becoming more commonplace and prices are gradually lowering, with brands introducing more affordable options on a far more frequent basis. 

That means several options on the market aren’t going to break the bank, with brands including Dacia, Citroën, Mazda and MG all leaving their mark.

Some electric cars dropped below £30,000 a few years ago (which is still pretty expensive), but prices are improving further. Some new options now cost under £25,000, and a few are below £20,000.

But it’s important to do your research. The main criticism of battery-powered cars has previously been their range, with very few offering the sort of stamina that would make them a true replacement for a combustion-engined counterpart.

That said, the charging infrastructure is constantly improving and customer expectations have shifted. And there are now plenty of lower-priced models to choose from.

The cheapest electric cars

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