TNT Group creates a zamak cap for Cartier's Les Bases à Parfumer

For their new original ritual Les Bases à Parfumer, Cartier has engaged TNT Group with the design and manufacture of the cap for the bottle of L’Huile Pure, the twin product of La Crème Pure — two olfactory neutral bases to perfume as desired.

Crafted in Europe, the cap features a gold-galvanized zamak shell, assembled with a PP insert by crimping. To deliver an exceptional user experience, the cap has undergone a meticulous semi-automatic and manual production and finishing process. This ensures a silky touch, a pleasant opening sensation, and a colour consistent with the entire packaging line.

In bringing Cartier’s beautiful idea to life, TNT Group demonstrated its precision engineering expertise, resulting in a made-in-Europe product that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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