Presenting Greenhouse Grower’s 2024 Technology of the Year Finalists

CO2 Gen (BioTherm)

CO2 Gen (BioTherm)

The C-Gen enables growers to produce their own CO2 on site and eliminate expensive CO2 tanks. This scalable system can provide CO2 to growing facilities up to 10,000 square feet. The heat generated off of the boiler can be expelled outside with a fluid cooler, or can be redirected to hydronic heating, or in a heat storage tank.

By creating CO2 on site, growers can increase crop yields, improve plant quality, and reduce their environmental footprint through more efficient use of water and nutrients. C-Gen is scalable, and requires minimal piping and engineering. Crop times are reduced with faster plant photosynthesis.

Corvus Drones

Learning Opportunity: Floriculture Trends from the USDA Agriculture Census

Corvus Drones

Corvus Drones can be used for everything from plant growth monitoring to anomaly detection to inventory management. The drone checks the batch codes automatically and reports where the batch is located, and the number of plants. The results are integrated in the grower’s ERP system.

Corvus Drones are used through a Drone-As-A-Service mode, which means Corvus takes care of the technical service, and the grower can focus on a follow-up plan.

Benefits of the drone-as-a-service model include reduced labor pressure, reduced use of crop protection chemicals and PGRs, and a better end plant product for the consumer.


Growmentum Software

Growmentum is a first-of-its-kind software solution that allows growers to track down to the second all of the tasks and activities performed on their crops. The platform helps growers streamline operations and optimize labor use.

The Growmentum platform simplifies the complexities of labor forecasting and task management. By breaking down intricate workstreams into manageable tasks, it fosters a more organized and efficient work environment, enabling teams to operate swiftly and at reduced costs.

Growmentum offers critical insights into labor patterns and identifies bottlenecks, empowering growers to make informed decisions on capital expenditures or process improvements. This comprehensive approach also drives significant advancements in agricultural productivity and profitability.

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