New Tesla Model 3 Inventory Prices Drop Ahead Of Refresh

New Model 3s in inventory in the U.S. are seeing price reductions ahead of the “Highland” release.

As of Tuesday (September 12), prices of the least expensive rear wheel (RWD) drive Model 3 had dropped roughly $2,000 in Los Angeles — one of the biggest markets in the U.S. for electric cars — from last month. With the lowest priced RWD at $36,620.

In California, if you qualify for the full federal tax credit and state rebate, you can effectively shave off $15,000, bringing the price down $21,620.

The Model 3s in inventory in Los Angeles are not the refreshed “Highland” Model 3 but the current generation.

Tesla has yet to open up orders for the refreshed sedan in the U.S. though the car can be ordered in other markets such as Australia, Japan, and Germany.

For the refreshed Model 3, Germany is showing delivery dates as soon as October – November 2023. Japan is showing December 2023 – March 2024, while Australia is showing delivery dates as January 2024 – March 2024.

Updates on the new model include improved soundproofing and better aerodynamics — both of which result in a quieter ride. An Auto Shift out of Park feature is also new. And the dual-motor long-range version boasts improved range, estimated at 11 to 12 percent.

There are a host of interior upgrades too, such as a display for the back seat and a new stalkless steering column.

To date, prices for the refresh have been higher than the current Model 3.

Tesla is also expected to announce a delivery event for the Cybertruck this year as sightings increase in the U.S. That truck, however, is expected to be pricey. Matt Degen, senior editor for Kelley Blue Book, told me last month that he expects the price to to start at around $50,000 with others estimating higher prices out of the gate.

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