New NASA Collection by Stomp Rocket takes off for kid-powered flight

Anyone with children can attest to the fact that if kid power could somehow be naturally harnessed we’d immediately solve the world’s ravenous energy needs!

Stomp Rocket, the STEM-based toy line founded back in 1993 right here in America has tapped into that imaginative idea but in a far more limited form by releasing its attractive new NASA Collection of Stomp Rockets into the marketplace.

Let’s be honest, stomping on things is practically hard-wired into youngsters’ DNA and so why not channel that universal foot-mashing urge into launching a trio of iconic NASA spacecraft made up of the classic Saturn V rocket that took astronauts to the moon, the sleek space shuttle Atlantis, and the awesomely orange “Artemis Rocket” inspired by NASA’s Space Launch System moon rocket . These nicely-detailed foam rubber spacecraft come fully assembled and are emblazoned with NASA logos and colorful American flag graphics at strategic points.

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NASA Collection by Stomp Rocket: $24.99 at

This 100% kid-powered Stomp Rocket set includes three different foam rockets inspired by real NASA spacecraft: the iconic Saturn V rocket, space shuttle Atlantis and an “Artemis rocket” modeled after NASA’s Space Launch System vehicle. The kit includes a launcher and everything you need to send these foam rockets sky-high.View Deal

As with all the Stomp Rocket releases, simplicity is one of the major strongpoints for this new NASA Collection, crafted with a minimum number of pieces so kids and adults can immediately start propelling their rockets straight out of the box in mere minutes. Attach the air hose to the tripod launch pad, install your desired replica rocket and you’re ready for an official countdown to liftoff.

children stomp on a plastic bladder, sending foam rockets some 50 feet into the air

children stomp on a plastic bladder, sending foam rockets some 50 feet into the air

By jumping on the bright red plastic launcher and sending a blast of compressed air through the launch tube, future aerospace engineers and fledgling astronauts can witness the miracle of flight and the awesome power of forced air by delivering their craft up to 100 feet (30m) into the sky before Earth’s gravity well tugs it softly back down for a gentle landing. got the chance to test the NASA collection out and found that kids immediately loved them. The three different vehicles all fly very differently, which led to some creative play. The space shuttle Atlantis maneuvers in unpredictable-but-fun ways, while the “Artemis rocket” can make long gliding landings at times. The Saturn V flew the highest by far, reaching upwards of 60 feet (18m) when launched by a 75-lb (34kg) nine-year old.

children stomp on a plastic bladder, sending foam rockets some 50 feet into the air

children stomp on a plastic bladder, sending foam rockets some 50 feet into the air


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These quality space toys act as beneficial tools to help teach kids all about the STEM-centric concepts of science, technology, engineering and math, all while temporarily enticing them away from sedentary indoor activities and into the fresh air for some necessary playtime and exercise.

“We love to see the joy and excitement in kids as they launch their rockets and dream of becoming astronauts one day. Having fun while learning is what Stomp Rocket is all about!,” said Jill Jameson Vice President of Sales and Marketing, spokesperson for Stomp Rocket, in an interview with

This family-owned label of 100% kid-powered rockets and toys presents its Stomp Rocket NASA Collection exclusively at Target stores or on and specialty toy retailers.

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