New Kia EV3 set for full reveal this month

The Kia EV3, the firm’s smallest bespoke electric car yet, will be revealed later this month – and it has been previewed with a number of teaser images.

The new compact electric SUV will first shown in concept form last year, and the production version will be revealed on 23 May.

The three teaser images release suggest that Kia design chief Karim Habib was true to his word when he said the production car would closely mirror that concept. 

kia ev3 rear roof line

The images confirm that the EV3 will feature boxy, angular lines that are reminiscent of the flagship EV9 that sits atop Kia’s growing range of bespoke EVs.

They also confirm that, as highlighted by the concept (pictured bottom), the wheels will be pushed towards the corners to extend the wheelbase and maximise interior space.

The images focus on the front and rear lights, showcasing that the EV3 will closely follow the concept and adopt Kia’s Star Map lighting, along with a new interpretation of its Tiger Face front end.

kia ev3 rear pillar

While the large EV9 has a more premium focus, the EV3 is designed to “enhance the accessibility of electric mobility”, and Kia has been aiming for entry level models to be priced at less than £30,000.

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