Maya, Aptar's new customizable hood-free aerosol actuator solution

Global dispensing systems manufacturer Aptar Beauty has introduced Maya, its newest aerosol actuator. The innovation is capable of dispensing sprays and powders and comprises a secure, twist-to-lock feature, so as no overcap is required.

Hoodless design

Maya’s twist-to-lock system was designed for a convenient and easy usage. Consumers just have to twist left to open, press to spray, then twist right to close. An audible click tells the user it is securely closed. Furthermore, the system makes it safe in transit and therefore suitable for on-the-go use. It is designed for sustainability.

According to Aptar Beauty, the hoodless solution uses up to 56% less material than a traditional actuator with overcap. Moreover, with the twist-to-lock system there is no cap to lose in the environment.

From sprays to powders

Encapsulating Aptar Beauty’s expertise in aerosol dispensing technology, Maya can be used for products like hair sprays, body sprays and deodorants, as well as solid powder formulations like dry shampoos, foot sprays and anti-perspirants. According to Aptar, Maya’s ultra-smooth flow path reduces powder clogging, to deliver a consistent powder spray.

Maya delivers high-performance dispensing in a clean beauty sophisticated design. It’s a versatile solution that brands can make their own via customization. Consumers love locking actuators and will appreciate Maya since it’s easy to use and secure for on the go. With no cap, there are no worries about replacing it, or losing it,” said Greg Erickson Director of Design & Innovation Aptar Beauty, North America.

Adaptable design

Maya’s ‘STAGE’ (top surface,) is fully customizable, allowing brands to add logos, finishes or sensorial actuation features to enhance the consumer experience. Additionally, Maya is molded in two parts, allowing for endless color combinations.

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