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Luka Doncic, NBA star, says he prefers Twitter to chess

While much of the world is talking about Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover and his decision to charge $8 per month for a blue-tick, Luka Doncic seems to have other things on his mind when switching on his phone.

Doncic was only able to respond to a reporter who explained to him the $44 billion purchase of Twitter by Musk at Tuesday’s media conference.

The Dallas Mavericks star said, “I just play Chess on my Phone.”

Three-time All-NBA First Teamer, the answer prompted a follow up question asking if the computer wins more often than the basketball player when he plays chess.

Doncic’s answer was typical: “I play online.” But I win most of the time.”

He’s not the only one to show his love of chess.

Doncic was quizzed about his decision to break down a defense after his win against the Boston Celtics in February 2021.

After his 31-point performance, he said to TNT: “It’s just like playing chess. You’ve gotto take your time and see all the moves.”

Twitter announced last week that it will reintroduce a grey badge called “Official” for certain accounts in order to verify their identities.

After Twitter had to deal with a wave of fake accounts, including those posing as former US President Donald Trump and Nintendo of Japan, and Eli Lilly, the pharmaceutical company, this decision was made.

Musk decided to give a blue check to account holders who are willing to pay $8 per month. He is always looking for new ways to make more money on the platform.

Doncic doesn’t mind updating his Twitter account.

If you take a quick look through Doncic’s verified blue tick Twitter account, you will see him celebrating the construction of the first European basketball court by an NBA team. His Mavericks team also built a court in Slovenia.

He also showed his support for Karim Benzema, a French football star who plays for Real Madrid. Real Madrid is where Doncic started his basketball career after his October Ballon D’Or win.

He seems to be a dedicated sneakerhead at 26 years old, and he thanks many shoemakers and sponsors via Twitter.

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