Honda e:NY1 2024 long-term test

Several design details separate the HR-V and e:Ny1, most notably the removal of the front grille. Instead, the eNyl has a blocky front panel with a fold-up flap to house the charging port. It looks a bit ungainly to me, but not offensively so.

More subtle is the switch to a white H badge on the nose and the switch to lowercase lettering on the bootlid, both of which are design features that Honda is reserving for EVs.

Anyway, let’s move past the name and deal with the car in front of me. The eNyl is offered in two trim levels: Elegance, which costs £44,995, and Advance, which is £47,195. For reference, if you’re buying outright, the HR-V starts at £30,695.

Still, all versions of the eNyl are well equipped, with entry-level models featuring a 15in touchscreen infotainment system, heated seats and a wireless charger. My car is an Advance, meaning it also has a panoramic sunroof, a heated steering wheel and a powered tailgate.

honda eny1 front cabin

The only option we have plumped for is the Platinum White Pearl paint. Yes, that’s right: white paint is an optional extra. The e:Ny1 comes in six colours, but it will cost you £650 if you want it in any colour that’s not black.

You can spend extra elsewhere, but only on colour and trim options, such as various alloy wheel designs and paint options (for £890, you can have the car’s front panel in black). This means one thing you won’t find on the options list is a heat pump. Hmm.

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