Holiday Gift Guide 2023: The Coolest Hotel Gifts

The best hotels in the world become so because they know how to enchant and surprise their guests; thinking through every aspect of the stay, from decor to food and service. It’s not a surprise to learn that they are also able to source and curate superb gifts.

Las Ventanas al Paraiso swim shorts

Made in collaboration with Orlebar Brown, these Bulldog swim shorts ($585) feature a photographic print of a beautiful ocean sunset over Las Ventanas al Paraiso. With a mid-length cut and Orlebar Brown’s signature side fasteners for a tailored, adjustable fit, they will allow you both to anticipate a holiday at this legend of a Baja California hotel, blend into the landscape while there or provide the ultimate souvenir.

Dior x Cheval Blanc Randheli Grand Bal Watch

There are just five of these watches in existence at the Cheval Blanc Randheli concept store. Costing $45,000, the watch, designed in collaboration with Dior, has a dial set with 131 blue sapphires, and feathers to give an evocation of the blue atoll waters around the hotel’s island. . Only possible disadvantage; you have to fly to the Maldives to stay here but the Cheval Blanc Randheli is one of the most luxurious resorts in the Indian Ocean, so not really a hardship.

NIHI Sumba jacket

Many hotels have an altruistic element to their shops, harnessing local crafts and expertise. This jacket is from the much lauded, seriously beloved NIHI Sumba resort in Indonesia that is as remote as it is mesmerizingly beautiful. Its 100 percent cotton jacket ($695) is made by hand by local artisans but a percentage of the sale goes to supporting the Sumba Foundation which helps with health and education projects as well as supporting local traditions. This multi-function jacket has pockets for passport, lipstick and phone, with a hidden drawstring. It also comes in natural linen.

Fife Arms sledge

As you’d expect from a hotel created by the Artfarm group, the Fife Arms has a superb collection of gifts. All of them are impeccably local and marry beauty with practicality. Highly suitable for the Highlands winter snows, these hand-carved sleek and traditional wooden sledges – made from sustainably sourced Scottish ash wood – have steam bent runners and braces and are fastened using a riveting method traditional to clinker-built boats while steel strip runners will make the sledge glide down snowy hillsides and is embellished with Fife Arms monogram.

Borgo Egnazia Vermouth Gift set

The expansive, emphatically Puglian resort of Borgo Egnazia – which has hosted Madonna and the Beckhams – is a temple all that is glorious and good about Italy’s heel and this includes its gift shop. Its estate-produced vermouth blends wine with selected spices and herbs and can be served neat, over ice and in cocktails. This gift basket (£140) includes two bottles of vermouth and two hand-made copper cups, making the chance to bring a piece of Puglia across the world

Sirenuse Corso jacket

A collaboration between Italy and the US combines the 70-year curation of the Sirenuse hotel on Positano by the Sersale family alongside the funky retro aesthetic of the not-just-NY-but-Mott-St Tombolo group. All the items in the Sirenuse collection are gorgeous, but the Corsa jacket ($323) takes you out onto the Amalifi coast too. Windproof and with taped seams, made from 100 percent recycled polyester, it’s a sailing jacket that celebrates the sunniest of climes, whatever the weather.

The Carlyle Hotel keyring

You know that you’re a repeat guest at the Carlyle when there’s a note welcoming you back to your ‘New York home’. This glorious titan of the Upper East Side hotel scene, home at various times to the Kennedys, Mick Jagger and Princess Diana has an ideal gift to make you feel part of its history. This isn’t just any hotel keyring, this is a Carlyle keyring ($25), in heavy metal, an embossed lozenge of belonging.

Jess Wheeler Oak Garland Candelabra

With this candelabra (£420), Claridge’s has tapped into a particularly resonance design aesthetic. Handmade by designer Jess Wheeler, this artwork was inspired by the oak studded fields around her home in North Wales. Each one varying slightly, they are made with unlacquered recycled brass and pure silver solder, with dimensions of 58x35x14cm.

Mamashelter Kulte toweling poncho

A fairweather equivalent of the Dryrobes that Northern European cold water swimmers use to stave off frostbite, this toweling poncho ($95) from cult French brand Kulte heads back into an uncomplicated 1970s childhood for inspiration. Unisex, perfect for drying off, lounging about and keeping the Cote d’Azur in August vibes for the rest of the year.

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