Holiday Gift Guide 2023: Best Luxury Gifts For The Red-Eye Traveler

For the loved one in your life who’s always asking, “How do I sleep on a red-eye flight?” here are the must-have items for getting comfortable on a plane.

As travelers increasingly pursue international destinations, overnight comfort in the air is a priority. These luxurious travel items cover all the bases, turning airline seats into cozy sleepers and blocking out noise and distractions in flight.

1. The Best Clothes to Wear on an Airplane

For an outfit that transitions beautifully from an active day to a restful night, women should look no further than Athleta. I wear this line every time I travel – they are the ultimate in comfort, they never wrinkle, and they’re appropriate for almost any activity on an itinerary. For overnight travel, start with the Flurry Seamless Henley with the “unstinkable” label – natural silver salt stops bacteria that creates odor, so if you sweat on the plane, no one else will know. Pair it with the Cozy Karma Zip Pant. The ankle slits give these sweatpants some panache, and the pockets and drawstring waist mean you can slip your phone in your pocket, loosen the drawstring, and give yourself some breathing room. Men will love the ACE Sweatpant from Mack Weldon – the brushed terry is oh-so-soft but the tailored fit manages to make these sweats sleek. The Filson Waffle-Knit Henley completes this outfit, retaining a constant temperature while offering breathability.

2. The Most Comfortable Footwear for Sleeping on a Plane

Everyone knows that taking off your shoes and slipping into plush socks is a gamechanger when it comes to telling your body it’s time to sleep. Brochu Walker takes that concept to the next level with their Lush Slipper Socks with Vegan Suede. Made of 100 percent cashmere, the slipper/sock combo wraps your feet in coziness. Bonus: the leather soles not only provide protection when you get up to walk the aisle, but they’re vegan.

3. The Perfect Outerwear for Temperature Changes on a Plane

Airplanes are notorious for temperature changes, and the best way to combat that is with a wrap that can double as a blanket. The Quince Mongolian Cashmere Wrap is so elegant you can wear it to fine restaurants and so comforting you can get lost in it, for a good night’s sleep. It’s warm but lightweight and large enough to cocoon you in luxury. Men will appreciate the Suffolk Quilted Travel Coat from Peter Miller. The fleece lining will keep you warm on chilly flights, the multiple pockets are ideal for carrying everything you need, and when you step off the plane, you’ll be ready for wind, rain, and changing temperatures.

4. The Best Sleep Mask for Blocking Out All the Light

Overcome seatmates using their reading lights or opening their window shades with a sleep mask that blocks out all the light. Drowsy’s Silk Sleep Mask goes next level with a posh filling that feels like pillows for your eyes. The larger surface area leaves no room for error, and the easily adjustable Velcro enclosure allows you to custom-fit the mask to your liking. Nothing’s getting through this sleep mask!

5. The Best Noise-Cancelling Ear Buds for the Plane

While you’re blocking out light, you can’t forget to block out sound. The QuietOn 3.1 Sleep Earbuds use noise-cancelling technology to block out sounds like snoring and bass coming from other people’s headphones. The buds come with their own charging case. Within seconds of placing them in your ears, hear-through mode kicks in, followed by noise-cancelling mode within 25 seconds. You’ll still hear someone who’s talking directly to you (so you won’t miss breakfast), but background noises are significantly reduced.

6. The Most Luxurious Travel Pillow for Sleeping on a Plane

Want to start your trip without neck pain? The best choice in neck pillows is the Jetsetter Travel Pillow – Bon Voyage by Slip. The silk casing is cool against your skin, and you don’t need to worry about the pillow shifting as you sleep, thanks to the Velcro strap that keeps the support exactly where you want it. The color combination choices turn this functional item into a fashion statement.

7. Aromatherapy You Can Use on a Plane

Aromatherapy can be incredibly calming – and mask the odor of the burrito a couple seats away. But you don’t want any scent you use on an airplane to disturb others, so it’s best to keep it low-key. Fragrant Isle’s 2 oz. Sleep Well Linen Spray in lavender can be used discreetly (your sleep pillow is a great place to spritz), and even before leaving the house, for a subtle scent that will send you off to dreamland. Perfectly Posh’s Very Sleepy Lavendar & Shea Butter Skin Stick gives you even more control over how much you apply. Swipe it behind your ears so you can smell it but others can’t.

8. The Coolest (and Most Sanitary) Travel Water Bottle

Never miss a chance to hydrate – it’s your best defense against dry skin and mouth, jet lag, and inability to sleep. I love the LARQ Bottle PurVis, the self-cleaning water purification bottle made famous on Shark Tank. Just fill your bottle at the airport, press the button on the lid, and in seconds, your water is purified and ready to drink. Your water will stay cold, and no matter where you refill it, you’ll know that 99 percent of bio-contaminants such as E.coli have been removed.

9. The Most Hydrating Skin Care for Flying

For skin protection from dry air and to avoid dark circles and bags under your eyes, don’t fall asleep without first taking care of your face. Care.e.on has created the En Route Essentials 5-pc. Kit to address all your needs. The kit includes a hand sanitizer, facial mist, hydrating pads, and a Flying Highdration Mask that can be left on while you sleep, all travel-sized and in a mesh bag for easy transport in your tote or laptop bag.

10. The Most Organized Travel Toiletry Kit

Finally, you’ll need a toiletry kit that is small enough to fit in your carry-on but large enough to hold everything you need to refresh. The small Seoul Dopp Kit by Dagney Dover will stow your travel-sized toiletries, with dedicated pouches for your toothbrush and medicine bottles. The built-in hook gives you the ability to hang the kit rather than try to find a space for it on a tiny sink, and both the exterior and lining are wipeable for easy cleanup of leaks and germs.

Flying doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, and for your favorite red-eye traveler, a little splurge goes a long way. These overnight travel items will ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

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