Glass: Wheaton focuses their innovations on sustainability and decoration

At this year’s FCE Cosmetique, Latin America’s leading cosmetics show, the Wheaton group had chosen a concept called “The World of Glass” to welcome visitors as a way to introduce the full range of its technologies and expertise in top-of-the-range glassmaking.

Technology and decoration

Among the new products on show was the paint Crystal Effect, one of the company’s latest innovations. The technology consists in applying varnish which, by crystallizing on the surface, creates a singular aesthetic and tactile sensation.

New hot stamping options were also highlighted, with embossing prints in gold, silver, and other metallic colours.


Wheaton is also broadening its Ecoglass range with a new standard 200-ml refill bottle. The new version boasts a glass weight reduced by 20%, and is fitted with an Aptar-designed tip for the refill and a screw cap to make it easier to separate the different components and recycle the product. It also helps reduce CO2 emissions by about 15%.

The Wheaton refillable solution was adopted by Natura for its Essencial line. The Brazilian company chose amber glass made from 40% recycled glass.

Visual and olfactory Virtual Reality

The highlight of the visit was the 4D Glasses experience designed by the startup Noar, a spin-off of the Wheaton group. Thanks to a Virtual Reality (VR) technology combined with a digital scent diffuser developed by Noar, participants enjoyed an immersive experience at every phase of the process of creating a new fragrance packaging, from design to final production, for a complete sensory immersion.

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