Five packaging innovations spotted at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2024

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Geka launches formulation compliant recycled PP

The manufacturer of beauty packaging has introduced a post-consumer-recycled (PCR) polypropylene (PP) that is food compliant and suitable for components in contact with cosmetic bulk. According to Geka, it saves 75% CO2-emissions compared to virgin materials.

The new material consists of at least 95% recycled PP plastic. It is completely odourless, and has been tested according to several international standards. The material’s ability to meet these standards opens new horizons for the packaging of products such as water-based mascaras. “Now, for the first time, the packaging can be made entirely from recycled material,” explains Geka.

Furthermore, the new material is optimized for use in cosmetics packaging. It is colour-neutral with no impurities, allowing for a broad spectrum of shade and effect combinations that could not be achieved with conventional recycled materials. “We can achieve a pure white as well as a deep piano black,” Geka told Premium Beauty News.

Geka also highlights there is no need to change the manufacturing equipment or tooling. Production parameters basically remain the same that with conventional PP.

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HCT’s Speed Line program

With its new Speed Line program, HCT combines recyclable packaging with fast lead times and low MOQs. The stock is production ready at HCT’s facility to accommodate 2,500 – 25,000 pieces in just 2-3 weeks with the client’s custom decoration.

The specific components for this program are 100% PET monomaterial and are designed for recycling. To maintain the component’s recyclability, this program allows limited decoration processes like silkscreen, hot stamping, inkjet printing, and HCT’s Inboss Technology.

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Lumson’s new aluminium collection

Dubbed Essential, Lumson’s new aluminium collection consists of four atmospheric bottles in 50 – 75 – 100 – 150ml sizes, which can be paired with cream pumps (in higher dosages) and sprays.

Aluminium is a lightweight and infinitely recyclable material. However, for even more environmental credentials, the Essential range can be made in 100% PCR metal.

The new range can be used for a wide range of luxury or masstige products (skincare, body, hair, and sun care). It can be customized with different decorations and effects. The bottles can be combined with dispensing systems in PP or PCR PP.

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Double Glass Refill & Go by Berlin Packaging Premi Industries

For extra-premium skincare and makeup segments, Berlin Packaging Premi Industries presented Double Glass Refill & Go, a new refillable glass collection available in 15 and 30 ml sizes. This packaging offers consumers the possibility to carry around the product’s heart – the glass ampoule and its pump – but also to refill the product quickly and intuitively. The packaging components can be easily separated and differentiated by material at the end of use.

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Baralan unveils 3D decoration for cosmetic packaging

In collaboration with, 3D printing specialist Stratasys, and ICA, a global reference point for innovation in glass and plastic coating, Baralan has unveiled a new three-dimensional decoration solution for cosmetic packaging.

3D printing on glass and plastic is tangible thanks to its adherence to the glass, transparency and charm through the use of infinite colours and designs,” explains Maurizio Ficcadenti, Global R&D Manager Baralan Group.

The new solution is applicable on all the packaging offered by Baralan.

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