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Expert Sessions Summary: We’re living in a global loneliness epidemic, according to Simone Heng, Singapore-based author of Let’s Talk About Loneliness. But there’s good news: This epidemic is treatable. Here, Heng discusses the five pillars of human connection.

Meet the Expert: Simone Heng is a human connection specialist, global keynote speaker and author. As a speaker, Simone inspires people to connect in a world thirsty for connection. She has spoken to thousands across continents, and often for Fortune 500 organizations. Simone is based and was born in Singapore but has also studied in Switzerland, was raised in Australia, and worked in the United Arab Emirates.

Her latest bookLet’s Talk About Loneliness” is the silver winner of the 2024 Nautilus Book Award in the Social Change and Social Justice category. It is also the recipient of 5 finalist accolades at the 2024 International Book Awards.

Meet the Sponsor: At Singapore Global Network, our mission is to build a global community that fosters meaningful connections, ideas, and opportunities among members.

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Put what you’ve learned into practice and grow your connections today.

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