Dao Ethical Gifts creates promotional items that support women

Bamboo and Thai paper boxes, candles, Key-rings, pouches, laptop/tablet cases, sport, shopping, shoe, and tote bags, notebooks covers, conference folders and lanyards: Dao Ethical Gifts designs and produces personalized ethical gifts and branding solutions, as part of a social approach for the benefit of women living in marginalized communities.

From 50 to 2,000 pieces

Indeed, since its foundation in 2020, Thailand-based Dao Ethical Gifts entrusts production to women of 40 to 50 years of age, providing them with vocational training and preparing them for the world of work: the aim is to combat systemic poverty and gender norms by building lasting self-confidence and dignity.

Dao Ethical Gifts is aimed at like-minded brands, indie brands, businesses and organizations that need a meaningful gift or branding solutions, from 50 to 2,000 pieces, to support the promotion of their product or a special occasion. Ideally close to production for sustainable reasons. We are already supported by fantastic partners, including those of cosmetics groups, and would be delighted to serve other cosmetics brands, locally,” explains Magali du Parc, founder. “That’s why, even though we’re located in Thailand, we call on companies from all over the world who have subsidiaries in Asia.

The social enterprise is powered by the Baan Dek Foundation. It works closely with social workers to empower the most disadvantaged women and carefully tailor the ethical gift order to their sewing and handicraft skills, as well as their priority income needs. The Dao Ethical Gifts production team in Chiang Mai will support them step by step, guiding them through the “production” process (product training, quality control, delivery times, contractual procedures).

100% of profits are reinvested

As a non-profit social enterprise, Dao Ethical Gifts reinvests 100% of its profits in supporting vulnerable children through the Baan Dek Foundation’s programs.

We are agents of social change, implementing ethical production processes without compromising on product quality, safety, compliance and social impact. In same time, we keep in mind that we are business driven. Therefore, we ensure the traceability of our raw materials, which come from ethical sources (Oeko-Tex standards, Gots label), upcycled fabrics (Moreloop) and local communities (handmade indigo),” adds Magali du Parc.

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