Cupra wants to build DarkRebel but profit must come first

Indeed, Díez said it was “the maximum expression of our DNA” and the result “of an obsession to create something special”.

Key design elements of the extravagant concept include its striking new lighting patterns, which Díez called the DarkRebel’s “eyes”. These have already inspired a heavy restyle for Cupra’s Leon hatchback and Formentor crossover. 

Like the Tavascan, the coupé also features an illuminated Cupra badge.

Cupra darkrebel concept wheels

The central cell of the car is modelled on that of a speed boat, and wrapped around it are vast wings, diffusers, spoilers, cooling and aerodynamic features.

ez said the car was always in a “fighting position”, with everything in its profile pushing forwards.

The cabin features a two-seat layout with bucket seats and a gaming-style steering wheel and display screens, designed to leverage Cupra’s popularity in the gaming world.

Almost every function of the cabin is geared towards the driver, while sustainable materials are used, including bamboo.

The mercury-like colour and wider colour scheme and trim of the DarkRebel is the result of more than 270,000 configurations made online of the concept since its digital debut, Cupra having selected the most popular schemes.

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