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generative AI (genAI) is still earning the confidence of business leaders who are looking to implement it as part of their business. Harnessing genAI’s potential transformational power requires an understanding of how to bring it into the organization, which is more important than merely selecting which large language model (LLM) to use. For genAI investments to be successful, teams should consider how to gain strong executive sponsorship, build a targeted ROI measurement framework, and ensure rigorous organizational change management

genAI projects are notable for their uncertainty up front and the importance of building the right data set. These factors make ongoing sponsorship essential.

In this webinar, Marcus BraunDataRobot, and Mikio OgawaDataRobot, discuss the following ideas:

• Customers’ knowledge and expectations about genAI vary widely

• Organizations can successfully deploy genAI to key use cases today

• Executive sponsorship and change management are the most important factors in determining where to invest in genAI.

• Best practices include determining the appropriate data set and establishing robust management around genAI projects.

Click here to download the webinar summary report.

Learn how DataRobot can help your organization use genAI in business strategies.

Marcus Braun is the SVP of Strategic Innovations at DataRobot

Mikio Ogawa is the VP Japan of Applied AI Experts at DataRobot





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