Batman: Caped Crusader Animated Series to Hit Prime Video This Summer

There’s a new animated series centered on the Caped Crusader coming our way. Today, Prime Video shared some first look images and announced the premiere date for Batman: Caped Crusader, which is being billed as a reimagining of the Batman mythology.

The series has some big names behind it, including J.J. Abrams, The Batman’s Matt Reeves, and Bruce Timm.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Welcome to Gotham City, where the corrupt outnumber the good, criminals run rampant and law-abiding citizens live in a constant state of fear. Forged in the fire of tragedy, wealthy socialite Bruce Wayne becomes something both more and less than human—the BATMAN. His one-man crusade for justice attracts unexpected allies within the GCPD and City Hall, but his heroic actions spawn deadly, unforeseen ramifications.

Catwoman in Matt Reeves' Batman: Caped Crusader
Catwoman. Credit: Prime Video

We also got details on the characters in the show, replete with descriptions, which you can read below:

BATMAN – A cold, remorseless avenger of evil, seemingly more machine than man. Forged in the fire of tragedy, every fiber of his being is dedicated to the eradication of crime.

BRUCE WAYNE – To the public at large, Bruce Wayne is a shallow dilettante, apparently wasting his parents’ vast fortune on frivolous pursuits and hedonistic pleasures. In fact, he’s an elaborate facade, carefully constructed to divert attention from his activities as Batman.

SELINA KYLE / “CATWOMAN” – Selena Kyle is a blithe and pampered heiress whose family lost their fortune after her father was imprisoned for embezzlement. Despite having the silver spoon yanked from her mouth, Selina refuses to quit living in the lap of luxury and becomes Catwoman as a “fun” way to maintain her lavish lifestyle.

DR. HARLEEN QUINZEL / “HARLEY QUINN” – Despite a personable and bubbly demeanor, Dr. Harleen Quinzel is a brilliant psychiatrist who treats some of Gotham’s elite. However, as Harley Quinn, she is a different person, entirely. A creepy, quiet, calculating menace who secretly dispenses her twisted justice to the truly despicable among her elite clientele.

Clayface in Matt Reeves' Batman: Caped Crusader.
Clayface. Credit: Prime Video

COMMISSIONER JIM GORDON – Former beat cop close to retirement, Gordon was hired to play along with the corrupt system and run out the clock till he can draw a pension. But they’ve sorely underestimated Jim Gordon. His unassailable character brings him into conflict with dirty cops and crooked politicians, alike. Not to mention, he has to reckon with a deranged vigilante beating up Gotham’s criminals.

CLAYFACE – Thanks to his “unique” facial features, screen actor Basil Karlo has been forever typecast as a B-movie heavy. Frustrated by the limitations his appearance put on both his career and personal life (he fell hopelessly in love with his co-star), Karlo turned to an experimental serum that promised to change his face. However, not only does this serum ultimately disfigure his face, but it ruptures the last of his sanity — creating the tragic, vengeance seeking villain, Clayface.

These character descriptions sound… familiar. I’ll be curious to see how reimagined they are when all ten episodes of Batman: Caped Crusader will premiere on Prime Video on August 1, 2024.

Check out some more first look images below. icon-paragraph-end

Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves' Batman: Caped Crusader.
Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne. Credit: Prime Video
Dr. Harleen Quinzel in Batman: Caped Crusader
Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Credit: Prime Video
Harley Quinn in Batman: Caped Crusader
Harley Quinn. Credit: Prime Video
Commissioner Jim Gordon in Matt Reeves' Batman: Caped Crusader
Commissioner Jim Gordon. Credit: Prime Video

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