Apple TV+’s Neuromancer Has Found Its Molly

Over the decades, many potential adaptations of William Gibson’s Neuromancer have risen and faded, never coming to fruition. So I hope you will forgive some of us if we have been a bit skeptical that the Apple TV+ version would, in fact, ever arrive on screens. With each bit of casting news, though, the future seems a bit more certain. In April, Callum Turner (Green Room) was announced as the star of the series; he’ll play Case, a hacker who takes a dangerous job and finds there is much more to it than advertised.

Central to Case’s story is a woman named Molly, a mercenary with a lot of cybernetic augmentations and unnerving, inset mirrored lenses that hide her eyes. Case is just a guy; Molly is iconic (Molly walked so that Trinity could do bullet time). And now the series has found its Molly: Deadline reports that Brianna Middleton has signed on for the role.

Middleton’s resume is fairly brief, with a lot of short films and two recent features: George Clooney’s The Tender Bar, and Sharper (pictured above), a film in which she and Sebastian Stan pull an elaborate con on a rich family. As Deadline notes, she was also cast as the lead in Sam Esmail’s Metropolis series, which was unfortunately scrapped.

The Neuromancer series is created by Graham Roland (Dark Winds), who will serve as showrunner, and JD Dillard (Stray), who will direct the pilot episode. No release window has been announced. icon-paragraph-end

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