Angels' Anthony Rendon reveals he has been dealing with a tibia fracture

Angels third baseman Anthony Rendon revealed Friday he was diagnosed with a tibia fracture last month after the team described the injury in July as a deep bone bruise.

In his first substantial comments to reporters in months, Rendon said he got a second opinion about his injury in August because he was still experiencing pain. He said he was diagnosed with the fracture during the Angels’ series against the Astros in Houston (Aug. 11-13).

Rendon was initially diagnosed with a deep bone bruise by four doctors, a person with knowledge of the situation but unauthorized to speak publicly said. Two of the doctors were picked by the Angels and another two by Rendon. A fifth doctor later diagnosed Rendon with a fracture.

“I was still in pain,” Rendon said before the Angels’ 11-2 loss to the Detroit Tigers at Angel Stadium. “Kept reaching out to more doctors. Kept on asking questions. No one had an answer to why I was still in pain. Finally got more images on what it was.”

When asked about how long the Angels have known about Rendon’s tibia fracture, manager Phil Nevin said there are similarities between a deep bone contusion and a fracture.

“I’m not in the medical side of it,” Nevin prefaced, adding, “we talked about when he [got hurt], how bad the bone bruise was, that it’s similar to what even a fracture is. Bone bruise, fracture, either way, he’s unable to play right now. We’re trying to get him back to where he is.”

There are similarities between the two injury descriptions, said Dr. Alan Beyer, an orthopedic surgeon and executive medical director of the Hoag Orthopedic Institute.

Beyer is not Rendon’s physician and spoke to The Times as an expert on the injury.

“Either a stress fracture of the tibia or deep shin contusion, which are going to look the same on a bone scan or an MRI scan,” Beyer said. “It’s not like he had a traumatic tibia fracture, like getting hit by a truck. So, it’s really semantics.”

Regardless of the classification — bone bruise or fracture — the treatment remains the same.

“Rest until it settles down and slowly get back to your pre-injury routine,” Beyer said.

Rendon has been on the injured list retroactive to July 11. He was injured when he fouled a pitch of his left shin against the San Diego Padres on July 4.

He returned to baseball activities a week ago, such as hitting off a tee. Rendon, who has been running lightly, also has been working out on a treadmill and an exercise bike, Nevin said.

“The encouraging part is he’s feeling a lot better,” Nevin said.

Rendon said he still feels some pain, though he is mindful about the risk of re-injury.

“Certain rehab movements, I definitely still do, but that’s why I’m progressing,” Rendon said. “But it’s to the point where I’m not hobbling. I can push through pain, but being smart about it, without making it a setback.”

Whether Rendon will play again before the end of the season — the Angels have 15 games left after Friday — remains to be seen. Rendon said he’s trying to return, but didn’t know if he’d play again this season.

“That’s what we’re working for,” he said.

Rendon has been limited to 43 games this season because of injuries, load management and a five-game suspension stemming from an incident he had with a fan immediately after the Angels’ season opener.

“Definitely frustrating,” Rendon said. “Just feel like we have the same conversation every few months.”

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