Alpol: All-in-one hybrid skincare products

In response to a demand for sophisticated simplicity and responsible consumption, at in-cosmetics, which was held in Paris from 16-18 April 2024, Alpol showcased several 3-in-1 hybrid skincare formulations that combine the efficacy of serums (thanks to moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients), the ability of primers to achieve perfect complexions thanks to “healthy glow” ingredients, and the daily multi-protection of sunscreens (thanks to SPF 50, PA++++, anti-pollution and blue light filters).

Another new product highlighted by the French manufacturer was a glamorous, sensorial two-phase SPF 50+ sun protection water. The oily phase contains carrot oil (anti-oxidant and melanin synthesis facilitator), four organic filters and SPF booster. The aqueous phase contains moisturizing glycerin. The lightweight galenic formulation encourages a more positive and frequent use of sun protection products.

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More information about new active ingredients is available in our special issue “Cosmetic Ingredients – April 2024”


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