A Contemporary Van Helsing Series Is in the Works

Elementary showrunner Rob Doherty along with Carl Beverly and Sarah Timberman are producing a show for CBS inspired by Bram Stoker’s vampire hunter Van Helsing.

According to Deadline, the series, which is appropriately titled Van Helsing, will be written by Jonathan Lee (Lockerbie). It will take place in present day, and see Van Helsing solving crimes, as vampire hunters are wont to do. The logline, per Deadline, is as follows:

Dr. Abraham Van Helsing uses his uniquely inquisitive mind working alongside his ex, relentless FBI special agent Mina Harker, to solve New York City’s most harrowing cases.

Just soak that in! Van Helsing is solving crimes with an FBI agent who happens to be his ex-girlfriend! In New York City! It’s not clear whether these crimes are supernatural and/or X-Files in nature, but it seems likely given the show is based on characters from Dracula.

This, of course, is far from the first time we’ve seen Van Helsing on screen. In 2004, Hugh Jackman played the character in a feature film (pictured above), and SYFY ran a series—also called Van Helsing—for five seasons. In that show, vampires had taken over the world and Van Helsing’s descendant, Vanessa, had the power (in her blood, of course) to thwart them.

No news yet on who will be playing the leads in this latest concoction based on Stoker’s work, much less when it will premiere on CBS. icon-paragraph-end

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