2023 Audi S7 Review & Road Trip: Autumn Escape From NYC To Vermont

Ever since I was a child, I’ve had an infatuation with cars, and the Audi A7 line always captivated me, I specifically remember when it was introduced in 2010. It broke the mold of car design; nothing else compared to its stunning silhouette with the long, sloping rear roofline and dramatic rear deck. It was beautiful.

Over the years, the A7 line has remained one of my favorites, not solely for its striking design but also for its dynamic nature paired with practicality. So I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when I was able to arrange for an S7 for my fall road trip to Vermont.

As the first light of dawn broke over the Manhattan skyline, I merged the S7 onto the West Side Highway. New York’s relentless ambition was reflected in the rearview, while the S7’s unmistakable LED lights sliced through the dim morning. The heated quilted leather seats, the racing-inspired flat-bottom steering wheel, and the exposed matte finish carbon fiber accents reminded me that this was no ordinary S7.

Amidst the chaotic streets, the city buzzed with aspiration—a place where only the exceptional stand out. Much like the S7 itself, its design language of progress and performance embodied the spirit of achievement that defines this metropolis.

It was with a sense of eager anticipation that I started to leave behind the city’s concrete arteries for roads more suited to its spirit. As Manhattan’s towering skyline gave way to open fall landscapes full of color, I could truly appreciate the marvel of engineering beneath me. The all-wheel steering responded with agility to my every input, making the S7 feel much smaller than its actual dimensions and the adaptive driving dynamics adjusted seamlessly to the changing terrain.

You can instantly feel the dynamics of the vehicle change in Dynamic mode. Everything becomes more intense, the car lowers with its air suspension for a lower center of gravity, the engine unleashes a deeper growl from its active exhaust and throttle inputs are more responsive and sharper. Even though the S7 is an AWD vehicle, the quattro AWD system can give a significant amount of power to the rear-wheels, giving that pure push feeling under acceleration and limited intrusion into steering feedback.

Emerging from the confines of urbanity, the true capabilities of the S7’s heart began to show. Nestled within its chassis is the twin-turbocharged V6, producing 444 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque. It’s the quick off-the-line response and excellent power band that make this engine truly enjoyable to work with. The V6 provides enough initial power to make turbo-lag truly unnoticeable. It also makes for quick passing, even at high speeds, the engine offers up enough power to make the S7 feel very quick. Well it’s sad the S7 has lost the V8 and that intoxicating tone, the new S7’s more economical V6 still sounds good and offers up a potent driving experience.

The S7’s journey northward became a rhapsody of hues as the panorama of upstate New York unfurled. The road—a winding serpent—slithered through a kaleidoscope of forests dressed in their autumnal finery, a living mosaic of crimsons, golds, and ambers. The S7 carved through this splendor with grace, its performance in harmony with the natural serenade of fall. Historic river towns, remnants of America’s early days, whispered stories that only seasoned leaves could tell. The winding paths, once trodden by revolutionaries, now played host to my modern chariot as it coursed towards Vermont’s own storied landscapes, where the storied Green Mountains awaited.

The S7, a paragon of Audi’s visionary design, feels akin to a starship destined for the roads of a modern-day Star Trek saga. Its exterior is a sculptural masterpiece, the sleek lines and sloping roof culminating in a futuristic aesthetic. Inside, the dual touch screens emit a command center feeling and their haptic feedback responds with a satisfying touch. The ambient lighting, customizable in hue, adds to the otherworldly ambiance, making the cabin feel truly forward thinking in design.

As I approached the Vermont state line, the S7’s suite of technological marvels affirmed its role as a companion for the long haul. The distance-guided cruise control maintained a steady distance between me and the vehicles ahead, ensuring a smooth more effortless journey. The heads-up display projected essential information, allowing my eyes to remain fixed on the scenic roads ahead, where the Green Mountains began to etch the horizon. Meanwhile, the massaging seats worked quietly, tirelessly, ensuring that despite the hours spent behind the wheel, I arrived in Vermont as refreshed as when I left the fervor of New York City.

As my journey with the S7 drew to a close, nestled among the Green Mountains of Vermont, the adventure felt timeless. The car had been a vessel of discovery, its performance and design transcending the mere act of travel. I collected a bottle of Vermont’s finest maple syrup, a sweet memento from a state as renowned for its arboreal gold as for its vibrant autumns. Reflecting on the drive, it was clear that the S7 would remain an emblem of automotive excellence and versatility. Its union of design, technology, and driving pleasure not only met the high standards set by its lineage but pushed them into new realms

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